baby dick is an antichrist-ical radical and faster-than-the-speed-of-light elf. he is my son and the most famous of alex's waifu, the grand lady arielle, is the one who birthed him. unfortunately she did not survive the terror but considering how this is all fiction i revived her because seriously why we should stay dead, the suspense is over guys.

everyone hate baby dick for some reason and his name has brought upon him a lot of misfortune. people enjoy making fun of him, but those nasty sick fuckas dont know shit .

poem about baby dick

whose got the most zazzle

its baby-d, hes a swazzle

can you hear his voice in the meddle

its going to intense levels

he goes around acting all rad

cause he knows hes more than just some fad

there aint noone in the world

that got more balls than the, well fuck, rest of the worLD

when people see him, they scream BEDAZZLIN'

see he his shine cant get no TAMIN'

all you haters just cant see

the pure beauty that he spreads around is like a relieving wee